The production company of Sepidan Kowsar Ajdad in important economic and productive fields of the country has started its activities, with changing nature, in the field of food safety and production of strategic products since 2016. This company is a progressive corporation with a superior position in the economic and business environment in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry.

The company utilizes a technical and innovative team focusing on the related manufacturing and trading industries; it has an internal and external competitive ability and has a constructive and effective interaction in the national economy.

The production company of Sepidan Kowsar Ajdad with formation of pure genetic group of Saanen and Alpine goats and the best breeds of Roman INRA 401, Blanche Massif Central BMC and  Lacaune dairy sheep in order to maternal line and breeds of Saffolk, Charolla is and Ile De France sheep in order to paternal line has taken a significant step towards the creation of livestock and sheep breeding sites and mass production of milk and meat.

In the fields of feed supply, hygiene and medicine, specialized vaccines, as well as rearing equipments and machinery and educational programs to all industry livestock farmers, is ready to serve the national arena.

In order to realize the Economic Strength, the company has major plans for rearing camels across the country.

Currently, the company activity is operating in the provinces of Tehran, Mazandaran, Ardabil and Kermanshah with a targeting of 60,000 heads of sheep and goat breeders.